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Amazing Facts about Programming

Amazing Facts about programming

  •  The first programmer was a lady named Ada Lovelac. She was a writer and gifted mathematician and the first woman to devise an algorithm that could be processed a by a machine.
  • Most of the programmers are white, young & male.
  • Costs of fixing bugs after implementation are 10 times higher than construction phase and 100 times larger than design phase.  
  • Peer code review can discover up to 60% of bugs.
  •  The software maintenance consumes between 40% and 90% of costs.
  • Remote programmer productivity is lower than the productivity of local programmers.
  •  Programmers spend approximately 30% of the time for only surfing the source code. 
  • The first “pre-computers” were powered by steam. 1830s, and the world marvelled at a device large as a house and powered by six steam engines. It was invented by Charles Babbage, the father of computing – and he called it the Analytic Engine.
  •  The computer virus was initially designed without any harmful intentions.

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Amazing Facts about Programming

Amazing Facts about programming  The first programmer was a lady named Ada Lovelac . She was a writer and gifted mathematician...

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